March 11, 2016 Budly

Natural Canna-Honey


Cannabis infused honey is usually made in the kitchen, but now there’s a new way to make the sweet treat directly from a beehive. Some expert trainers around the world are now using their bee-training skills and passion for marijuana and its medicinal properties.

They have now created a technique that allows bees to collect resin from cannabis plants and then use it in the beehive where it is naturally processed into honey. So far one bee trainer has successfully produced marijuana-infused honey using specifically the California Orange strain.

The bees seems to take any type of cannabis strain given to them and generate the same type of honey every time. Should the extraction method catch on, marijuana beekeepers could eventually produce a wide variety of canna-honey with a wide variety of effects and medicinal benefits.

People that have tried the tasty treat have described natural canna-honey as sweet and delicious with traces of the actual plant. The final product is a thick, paste-like consistency that varies from light green to white or yellow.

Before you try though, the honey cannot be smoked and can only be ingested.

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