Is weed pairing the next big thing?

cs12It seems that pairing cannabis with food is quickly becoming and new culinary trend.


Everyone seems to know a lot about wine pairing dinners. Wine pairing has been popular for so long, it’s now passé. Given the current trend towards marijuana legalization, many people are now treating cannabis like wine and high-end cannabis food pairing events are starting to pop up like mushrooms in February. According to Philip Wolf, a pairing experience expert, “Cannabis should be treated like fine wine. It harmonizes so well with food when you have the right pairings.” Gone are the days of stoner food and in is the convergence of sophisticated chefs, growers and collective owners throwing elaborate culinary fetes in intimate settings. Sounds like fun, right?


As cannabis and food pairings are still on the fringe of what some may consider ‘publicly acceptable’, finding or being invited to them isn’t quite as easy as finding a nice wine dinner at your local restaurant.  But if you can get to one cannabis pairing events, hosts and growers are now using these as an opportunity to offer innovative and educational events for the community and allow them to, on a more personal level, go into further detail regarding each flower’s profile.


As mainstream acceptance for cannabis culture grows these events are sure to become more and more popular.  For more information on these and other events just leave us a message.



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