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Marijuana Banking Could be Coming Soon with Senate Vote


The U.S. Senate will soon vote to allow banks to work with marijuana companoes without fear of criminal prosecution.

Due to current federal money laundering and drug laws  marijuana dispensaries are forced to operate on a cash-only basis, making them a dangerous target for robberies.

Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon and a bipartisan group of six co-sponsors are pushing to attach the proposal to a broader bill that the Senate is considering this week.

This amendment would stop federal officials from going after banks that work with the marijuana industry.

Signing on with Merkley are Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Ron Wyden of Oregon, Michael Bennet of Colorado and Patty Murray of Washington, all Democrats. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a Republican, is also on board.

New Report – Legal Marijuana Sales Hit $5.4 Billion in 2015

The New York Times article reported that legal marijuana sales hit $5.4 billion in the USA in 2015 and that it will reach 21.8 billion by 2020. MMJ sales are expected to surge even higher in 2016 – 17 as more states open up the marijuana market. Now 23 states permit medical marijuana use  & 4 others — Florida, Ohio, Missouri and Pennsylvania — are positioned to be next in line. Public opinion in the USA has taken a hard turn towards supporting MMJ and now over 60% support legalization federally.

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Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Conan Buy Weed

Conan has some fun with staffer Diana Cheng and she has the driving lesson of a lifetime.
Hilarity ensures when they pick up some famous passengers! This must be seen!

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Recreational Marijuana Is Coming To Your City Soon

“When The New York Times says we should legalize marijuana, I think maybe I should re-evaluate my position,” jokes Reason senior editor Jacob Sullum, who spoke with Reason TV about the remarkable evolution of national drug policy over the last 25 years.

During the “Just Say No!” years of the 1980s, less than a quarter of Americans supported the legalization of marijuana. Today, even presidential candidates eager to claim the legacy of drug warrior Ronald Reagan are relaxing their views on prohibition.

“When they repealed alcohol prohibition, it was left up to the states what to do with alcohol,” says Sullum. “And so you have most of the Republican presidential candidates saying the federal government should not interfere if the states want to legalize. That’s really an amazing development.”