#BetterWithBudly – Top 10 San Francisco Outdoor Acitivities

1. Watch the sun set from Twin Peaks

It’s a quick drive, and if it’s too foggy at the ocean you still might have a great view of the city.
2. Find some unexpected history on a hike up Mt. Davidson
Aside from being the highest natural point in San Francisco, the park at the peak has been the subject of hot debate among locals for decades. Is the cross a religious symbol or historic landmark? The journey there through dreamy, mossy woods gives you plenty of time to decide.
3. Play tennis in Dolores Park
You don’t need a reservation, and the courts are pretty well lit after dark (those sundown closing rules don’t ever seem to apply).
4. Slide down some concrete slides for adults.
The most unusual ones are found at Seward Mini Park, a halcyon nook built in the 1970s after residents protested against a developer’s bulldozers. The curvy, side-by-side butt-ramps were designed by a 14-year-old boy, according to the city.
5. Take a hike up Bernal Hill
The view from there is great, and it’s basically one big makeout spot. So bring someone whose tongue you want in your mouth.
6. Take in iconic San Francisco beauty around Mount Sutro Forest
There are few places to better spend a weekend afternoon than hiking around Mount Sutro Forest. Its quintessential San Francisco beauty is best experienced right when the sun gives way to the eerily gorgeous blanket of fog rushing over the city from the Pacific Ocean.
7. Pack a cheese picnic for the park.
Might we recommend Say Cheese in Cole Valley, and Golden Gate Park, but you can take your pick. Alamo Square can be pretty, with a big view of the city and the Full House painted ladies, but you’d better pick a non-windy day.
8. Get to the top of Grizzly Peak.
You can hike to the top or you can drive to the lookout, but either way the view is spectacular as you can see the whole bay area. Wonder if any Budly partners will deliver to the lookout?
9. Walk around Albany Bulb.
The Bulb is definitely odd and some would say weird, but it’s also really, really beautiful. It’s a former landfill that has all this cool art you can walk around and explore. If you don’t want to do something mainstream and touristy, this is it.
10. Ride bikes to Sausalito.
Head across the Golden Gate to explore Sausalito and all of its trippy houseboats. It’s touristy, but the houseboat docks are littered with gorgeous flowers, incredible artwork and neat names. Try to spot the houseboat replica of the Taj Mahal.